Summer of 2015


Frazer Kerr, Steph Blower, Isobel Woods, Stef Lo, Jay Parmar, Sophie Ombregt and Nehemie Mimbo.

Summer of 2014

Amy Coombe, Jack Campbell, Isadora Hutchison-Lovett, Ewan Steen, Hannah Imogen ….

Summer of 2013

sarah Sarah Murphy – Chair

sam Samuel Matthews – SES Liason

oli Oliver Huggett-Wilde – Recruitment

freddy Freddie Heather – IT

rooty James ‘Rooty’ Root – Secretary

lweis Lewis Ottaway – Vice

lauren Lauren Sweeting – Treasurer


 Vicki Rachael –

“I went to Esteli and Nicaragua in the summer of 2011, between my first and second years of University. I had planned to take a gap year but this had not been possible and I therefore seized the opportunity to travel and to improve my Spanish. I opted to stay with a Nicaraguan family by myself and although this was scary this definitely helped me to immerse myself in Nicaraguan culture. I spent the mornings teaching a beginner English class and the afternoon sharing with the Nicaraguan students learning about British and Nicaraguan culture. I most enjoyed making friends with the Nicaraguan students and it surprised me how much we had in common, despite living in opposite sides of the world and often having very different life experiences. After spending 5 weeks in Esteli I travelled with the rest of the group around other parts of Nicaragua, I got so much more out of this experience because my time in Esteli meant that I had a good understanding of the Nicaraguan culture and traditions. When I returned I was involved in the Students for Esteli society during my second year of university and enjoyed this hugely. My time in Nicaragua and later with the society meant a lot more to me than helping me to improve my Spanish! It challenged my beliefs and I was surprised by how much people share in common, regardless of their wealth, language or religion. The experience took us all right out of our comfort zones and therefore also hugely improved our confidence. I now work as a social worker and feel strongly that my time in Nicaragua has positively influenced the person who I am today”

  Rachel Coope

“I went in 2011 and I’m working in Spain as an English Teacher for foreigners. My email address is

Well this trip influenced everything I have done since I left university. I originally had never heard or Nicaragua and had no idea where it was! But I went that summer and loved teaching English, learning some Spanish words, encountering another culture and travelling around afterwards. Once, I had been on this trip I knew I wanted to travel as much as possible and I also enjoyed teaching English. So since then I have worked in Colombia and Spain. I’ve been drawn to Spanish-speaking countries ever since this experience. I’ve continued to try to learn the language and I still love the Latin American culture. I was lucky to make some Nicaraguan friends on this trip who I still keep in contact with. I would definitely like to return one day!

This trip and society was a great start for my career path because when I started applying for work it was helpful that I had taught voluntarily and worked in a Spanish-speaking country before I had even finished University. It was also valuable to show that I had been part of the society and helped contribute with various preparations for the next exchange students. I had experience being part of a team, maintaining and promoting the society to ensure this great cultural exchange kept running…and I’m so glad it is! “



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