Committee members 2018-19


Meet our fabulous committee of 2018-19. Please contact us at if you have any questions, or visit our facebook page for regular updates on what our society is up to.

President: Grace Jones (3rd year English Language & Linguistics)

Vice-President: Jennifer Graham (4th year Geography)

Secretary: Emily Winders (2nd year Psychology)

Treasurer: Jo Connery (4th year Law and Spanish Law)

Social Media Officer: Hope Collinson (4th year English Literature)

Social Media Officer: Sam Phan (4th year Modern Languages)

Social Secretary: Shreena Mistry (3rd year English Literature)

Publicity Officer: James Sirotkin

Languages Officer: Susannah Hallgarth (2nd year Modern Languages)

SES Liaison Officer: Sam Kelly (4th year English Literature)

SES Liaison Officer: Izzy Hampton (3rd year Geography)

Recruitment Officer: Alex Duncan (2nd year Material Engineering)

Recruitment Officer: Abbie Mitchell (2nd year English Literature)

Recruitment Officer: Joe Eastham






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